Hi. I’m
Dr. Umesh Dutta.

Dr. Umesh Dutta is Ph.D in Electronics & Communication Engineering with 10 years of work experience in teaching during which he has coached thousands of Engineers in the area of Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Design. Dr. Dutta is one of the advocates of open source technologies and believes that educating people on open source platforms is a special tool for seeding the foundations of technology based solutions which can answer many challenges that are faced by industry and society. Dr. Dutta is fond of designing solutions in Internet of Things (IoT), Automation and Robotics domain.

About Me

I am a passionate innovator who love to address the problems faced by society and industry with the use of technology. I have expertise in hardware and software technologies and over the past 10 years, I have guided many students achieve their dream careers.

Industry 4.0 has revolutionized the way industries operate today and most of the decisions taken today are data driven rather than intutiion driven. Technologies like IoT, Robotics, AI, ML, Block chain and others are there to transform the business and society and as a developer I am on the mission of imparting the latest cutting edge skills to the youth so that they can be the force to address the problems with the power of technology.

What I Do

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Content Design

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Detailed coverage of Arduino Uno programming using Arduino IDE. Prime emphasis on programing logic development so that learners can learn the art of writing efficient codes as quickly as possible.

This course is about Arduino Uno board which is one of the most popular platforms used for prototyping of electronics circuits. A detailed coverage of Arduino programming has been provided, so that you can easily deploy Arduino Uno board in applications such as Robotics, Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Healthcare and many more.

Books Authored by Dr. Dutta

Industry-Academia Programmes

In the last one decade I have got the experience of handling Academic programs that are driven by leading industries.

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Tobias Van Hale
Creative Director at Pelem Studio